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She was invited to an extremely closed party: there were 4 or 5 guys in their 20s and 3 girls. Apparently, she was the only one from Istanbul Russian escort agency – as she would know other girls. A code word ‘Zarathustra is great but zealots are coming’ that she was told to say in the camera of a perimeter, opened before her car large forged metallic gates and she drove through. The territory of a rich mansion impressed her – it seemed like 3-4 gardeners had to work every day to keep it that clean and neat – considering that the driveway to the house took no less than 200 meters.

The mansion was in the style of a castle – somewhat similar to the one that you might have seen in the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ animated motion picture. But it was of another kind – without any inherent gloominess. Russian escorts in Istanbul girl parked a car and was invited in the mansion by a butler – and he took her to another side of the house, through improbably long lobby-hallway. The part of the house that she saw was packed with antiquities, paintings, tapestries of deep velvety green color, and other paraphernalia of an exceptionally wealthy host.

Outside, there were several pools, young men and women chatting while drinking colorful cocktails, chaise-lounges, and a lot of green perfectly cut grass. Butler escorted Istanbul Russian escort girl to one of the men and left.

“Hey, there, sweetie!” he told to cheap escorts Istanbul girl, “My friends and I have a bet. They don’t believe I can have sex in a pool, completely immersed in the water, and cum – they think it is too hard physically. I, on my side, will prove them wrong by doing this. And since nobody of the ladies you see here isn’t ready to really stand for their beliefs, we had to resort to your services, darling. Would you mind helping me to give a good lesson to those snobs? As the proof of achievement of the goal will be a condom with my semen in.”

That’s what she, a girl from cheap escorts Istanbul service does the best – giving somebody a good lesson! Surely, she agreed.

‘What pool do I get into?’ she asked and a guy pointed at one – it had a small cloud above it. Approaching, she understood why – it was a pool with heating.

It was so damn pleasant to immerse the body into really warm water – as in May in Turkey, not every pool was a desirable place to swim in. Her white swimming suit was amazingly open – revealing much more than hiding.

“Oh, darling, you don’t want to be in that swimsuit”, told a guy to a Russian escorts in Istanbul girl, approaching, “Would you mind taking it off? I’m joining you now”. He was already naked. She shrugged and took the clothes off with a smile.

And there they began. Luckily, in two – as the rest of the company moved to a remote corner of a garden not to interfere with the guy’s concentration on the act, not even gazing.

True – it was hard to move in the water, at least, making movements with hips. Also, it was inconvenient because of an angle of penetration inside of a girl – even though his cock was long enough to make it right into her while actually standing in the pool (although it wasn’t the best pose to penetrate a girl considering the efficiency), they both had to grab on something – he grabbed her while she was holding the pool’s end. The movement of water prevented them to stand still and they had to readjust pretty often. But she couldn’t tell him that guy’s friends were right – as that is not why she is here for. She has to help him show those snobs who is the boss, right? She offered him help with her hand but he dismissed this opportunity as cheating, while he was eager for the clean victory.

But, indeed, it could not last for too long – as water drained all strengths out of his muscles in 15 minutes of the errors and trials. Then, he got out of the water to drink another cocktail and smoke. Maybe, that resurged powers back in his veins. Another attempt was taken shortly – with the same result. She couldn’t tell – the guys’ red face was the result of hot water of the pool or his fruitless tries. Eventually, after the second getting out of the water, he invited her to get out too, and, taking his stylish expensive bag lying on a chaise lounge, he counted a naked girl evidently more bills that she was expecting to receive.

“Darling, thank you for this exceptional quest. I accept my defeat and will shortly admit it in front of my friends. You are free to go. Butler will escort you. Thank you and have a good day.”

She never saw him again and doesn’t even know his name.


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“Oh, babe, you really turn me on,” said Abdul Bari, a 29-y.o. guy from Istanbul, seeing the eskort Istanbul mistress stepping into his apartment. She was something to make an eye be caught with: steep young breasts without a bra under a thin shirt, milk-brown-tanned skin, nice ass, which bulkiness was underlined with elastic sports pants, two rows of perfect white teeth as if a Hollywood movie star, widely placed brown eyes on both sides from the thin Japanese-style nose with little nostrils, and almond-shaped face with a barely recognizable chin, which made her mouth so small that she was as if coming from Manga cartoons, where females are always young and overly sexy, no matter what age they’re in. Abdul Bari was hoping for a good lady to come from the escort in Istanbul agency but the one he actually saw right now was surpassing even his bold expectations.

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My name’s Amirah and I work as an Istanbul escort fiyat agency girl. I adore making love in unusual places. I am now telling our dear readers of the erotic story blog of Istanbul escort Whatsap agency where I have recently done it: at a public library, train station, bus, and a mall.