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Best escort in Istanbul girl is standing in water demonstrating her white swimsuit and her body

She was looking at a paint-and-light work ‘Darkytown Rebellion’ by Kara Walker, one of the contemporary artists, on an exhibition of Modern Arts in Istanbul, when she was approached by a guy.

‘What a brazen game of shade and light – and the superimposition of one at another makes me think it is the expression of the kaleidoscope of our intense lives.’

She looked at him: a very neat gentleman of 45+ wearing an elegant gray suit, with a white accurate beard of the 1950s (looking completely not like bushy beards of nowadays’ fashionistas looking all like gays) and a hat – an accessory, which is not that often met today. The image soaked with elegance was completed by a cane with a metal end. He was as if from another century – and another millennium. Everything in his appearance was excitingly interesting for her, an Eskort katalog Istanbul young girl.

For an hour, they were roaming the halls of the exhibition and chatting about art and their emotions that those pieces of art evoked in their souls. After that, he told her that it would be nice to have some dinner and invited her to join him. They’ve exited at the street together with an Eskort katalog Istanbul girl and sat in his old-fashioned car Boss 429 Mustang (as he told an escort Istanbul girl himself while in the car, of 1969), of gray-green color. Her genuine interest to a guy only increased after that and the way he offered her to sit in a car (opened a door to her, gave a hand to sit in, and closed the door with assured elegance).

The restaurant was cozy and pretentious – and as much expensive as this best escort in Istanbul girl has never dreamed to be (although she has been to many dates with wealthy men who boasted their richness in front of her). Lobster and black caviar on small tartlets were their appetizers although she has always thought before that lobster is a self-efficient dish that tops the meal. After that, they’ve had small pieces of pale green, yellow, and red colors of something salty and tasty served on a huge plate with drops of sauce and small pieces of something additional everywhere. She was incapable of identifying food she was eating now – but that was not meat, it was delicious and she, an escort Istanbul girl, was completely enchanted by a sweet conversation with this guy (it is always trouble with fancy restaurants to find out exactly what you’re eating). Next, they were polishing their stomachs with, as he sad, Tagliolini with butter and white truffles. The finish of the dinner was an edible gold-foil-covered caramel ice cream with a blue cherry on top – and she’d kill to try this one for one more time in her life.

They took the unfinished king-size bottle of Cristal champagne to his room, which was upstairs of this restaurant/hotel and, being in a surprisingly uplifted mood, went upstairs. In the room, she went to refresh herself to the bathroom and exited from there with sparkling eyes and very playful gait. She literally nailed the guy to the soft king-size bed and started to take off his clothes. When he was left only in an unbuttoned white shirt, she raised her skirt to show a perfectly naked pubis that had no pants on and sat immediately on his erect cock to quench her thirst to his flesh. He grabbed her thighs and their rhythmic yet insane galloping on the bed began. She did not lose red high heels or her top, being only deprived of panties – but their lust did not matter about her dress at this moment.

In several minutes, he pulled her from the top and she stood to the pose of a dog, taking off her upper clothes with a swift motion. On the bed, she felt the might of his jerks from behind her resilient white buttocks – and the lust in her only increased (she didn’t care even if it was Cristal speaking). He moved confidently and strongly – as a real man should be (as she though in her head). And when he moaned because of approaching orgasm, she bent her back lower to make it clear for him that she wants him to finish on her bare skin. The jet of his semen landed on her back and buttocks and she felt its hotness. Being powerless, he dropped his body on the bed and touched her lips and a chin, smiling to her in an acknowledgement of the great time he is having. She felt the same – with a slow wave of a sweet hot orgasm starting in her body that was going to rush unhurriedly through her over a minute or two.

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Top escort Istanbul girl is telling a sad story with happy end

Unlike many super-positive and cloudlessly-arousing stories that you read on this site, my story is sad. It has a happy ending, though – but not the one that you might have expected.

I originate from Croatia. I slept with one guy for money in my 18. I don’t know how but my parents discovered it in several weeks and expelled me from home after a large fight. They told me that I could go anywhere but returning home. Thus, I was thrown out on the street in the midst of a winter nearly without money, only having received two large bags of my belongings from my parents (I’ve heard years later that since then, they never entered my room and even nailed the door to it with timber boards so nobody could even enter there – as if expelling the memory about me from their minds and hearts physically).

The first night I spent in a local hostel – as I had only about 20 dollars on hands, I paid for this night with a blowjob to the guy in the hostel so he let me stay. For another night, we agreed on 1 regular sex (although he wanted two). (From my current position of top escort Istanbul girl, which earns tens of thousands of dollars each month, two sexual acts to a guy would cost today much more – and he’d pay me, not gained, as back then.)

VIP escort Istanbul woman is a bull’s eye for a man – literally. Sexually

What games do you like to play? If you ask this question to 20 different people, they all answer you differently. Well, with minor exclusions. And, we’re pretty sure, none of them will tell you that he or she loves to play sex games. People are afraid to reveal to other people that they are charmed with sexuality (although it’s true for everyone unless they’re too old to think of it anymore). That’s why gentlemen who love to play sex games have to resort to the services of VIP escort Istanbul women.