VIP escort Istanbul woman is a bull’s eye for a man – literally. Sexually
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Luxury escort Istanbul lover wishes to make your time unbelievably great – look at her, it’s true

What games do you like to play? If you ask this question to 20 different people, they all answer you differently. Well, with minor exclusions. And, we’re pretty sure, none of them will tell you that he or she loves to play sex games. People are afraid to reveal to other people that they are charmed with sexuality (although it’s true for everyone unless they’re too old to think of it anymore). That’s why gentlemen who love to play sex games have to resort to the services of VIP escort Istanbul women.

That is the small but interesting story of a Luxury escort Istanbul girl who became a bull’s eye for a gentleman, who wishes to remain unknown.

How’s, that, a bull’s eye, you ask? That’s simple: when she got into his apartment on the third floor of one of the old blocks of Istanbul, he told her to strip, completely.

“Do you want a striptease, darling?”

“No, just take off your clothes and put them on a bed. Let’s play how I want it.”

When she took off her clothes, he asked this VIP escort Istanbul girl to bend and lay her arms on the bed, while he came into another room.

“Now, I’ll shoot with sticking arrows with a suction cup from a toy gun pointing at your vagina and let’s see how it will work out. Don’t worry, that’s not hurt”, saying these words, he started pointing at her. Frankly speaking, words like these she heard for the first time in her life. Never before, men wanted to play with her pussy that way. Actually, they did combine ‘pussy’ and ‘play’ in one sentence – pretty often – but their games were nothing like this. There were much more about sex and much less about playing, actually.

The gun of a guy had 6 small plastic arrows in a stock. The first arrows were hitting her legs, ass, back – or floor and a bed around her. But none of the six hit her even close to labia.

He recharged and continued his endeavor. No reason to worry – they had a time and that was an interesting diverseness in the story of her meetings with clients. The Luxury escort Istanbul girl didn’t know yet – whether he is going to fuck her during the course of this meeting or not. Anything would work, actually.

The other six did not hit her there as well – but now most arrows were resting on her ass and legs. At least, the performance increased. He recharged again. The second shoot she felt in her pussy – it mildly pierced her there, entering, probably, 1-2 cm. That was some small yet pleasant shock.

‘Again, do that again!’ she shouted him – as the feeling was new and interesting. She started to like this game for real. He grinned and continued shooting telling, ‘I told you it is not hurt – but, I suppose, we both didn’t know that it is fun and sexy.’

During the next 30-40 minutes, the arrows were resting on her nakedness. At least 15 of them rested in or on the pussy – and the sensation was terribly great. Surely, they all didn’t keep on her body for long and fell down under the gravity and the juices that her pussy emanated. But the very knowledge of this feeling was exciting to her – maybe, even more than most of her clients with regular sex.

‘What other games will you want to do with me?’ she asked, ‘Maybe, throwing apples on the knife that I will hold in my pussy to make them cut in halves?’ She read about this idea in a book recently and, since the gentleman started playing, an escort services in Istanbul girl supposed that it could bring more exhilaration to their date.

‘Let’s try. But I don’t have apples. I’ve got to go out and buy them. Wanna come together? Also, let’s choose a nice knife for that. Only I don’t want you to wear anything under your dress when going out. Will you do that for me?’ Surely, she agreed – why wouldn’t she? If an escort services in Istanbul girl is really interested in a date and her client, she is ready to do much more things than just being naked under the summer dress. Especially taking into account that she does it pretty often when just wandering the streets, off duty.

They dressed, he grabbed a wallet, and they left the premise to return there in a short while…


Istanbul escort service group sex: 4 girls and 2 men

Life shines with much brighter colors if you let in it more entertainment. And make this entertainment more unusual than always: for instance, like organizing group sex. Particularly, that is what happened in one of the nights on a fancy yacht docked in Istanbul, where four women of WhatsApp escort Istanbul have entertained 2 guys, who wanted to increase the degree of fun in their lives.

Cheap escorts Istanbul lady in white swimsuit has sex in a pool

She was invited to an extremely closed party: there were 4 or 5 guys in their 20s and 3 girls. Apparently, she was the only one from Istanbul Russian escort agency – as she would know other girls. A code word ‘Zarathustra is great but zealots are coming’ that she was told to say in the camera of a perimeter, opened before her car large forged metallic gates and she drove through. The territory of a rich mansion impressed her – it seemed like 3-4 gardeners had to work every day to keep it that clean and neat – considering that the driveway to the house took no less than 200 meters.