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Eskort kızlar Istanbul mistress arouses our attention and caters to our sexual desires with her look

How many men’s dicks escort girls could accommodate in their bodies? That’s exactly the question that was roaming in the head of y 22-year old Anjem, a guy from Istanbul. He was working late, usually having 2 shifts on his shitty work as a teller at a gas station to earn money for a living. However, he always strived to get some free money in a pocket to have the ability to spend several nights a month with his pals in nightclubs of the city. He got dressed in fine clothes to look wealthier, coming to such places, to pass face control. He had 5 or 6 regular friends, being on approximately the same social ladder, who shared his vision of life and usually formed a nice company for Anjem.

It was his birthday, which he was saving money for to rent a classy hotel room, invite there chicks and grab packs of booze and snacks. He saw such format of an evening as one of the manifestations of a rich life, to which he strived to, along with billions of other people on the planet. The only problem was chicks, a company of whom he naturally sought for, as a man in the flamboyance of his sexual activity. He called his female friends, inviting them to a party. Some of them refused, some told they’d think about… Among 30+ phone calls he made, he didn’t have even a single firm “Yes”, which kinda disappointed him. So, he adopted the right decision for a man in his position – asking out escort kizlar Istanbul.

Our agency kindly offered him upon his call a few options according to his wishes and he picked one to his liking. He should have chosen more escortlar Istanbul girls for the party considering 10+ men guests at the event but for some reason, he only picked one.

A girl arrived at the place at the agreed time, seeing in the room with an interesting number “69” Anjem and not too many other males – looks like the party was waiting for other guests to arrive. The plentitude of booze, however, made the start to a party, so men were already tipsy and actively chatting and smoking. Seeing her at the entrance to the hotel room, their eyes enlightened and they rushed to give her attention, one in front of another.

As a “ruler of the party”, the king of the day, Anjem told everyone:

“My dearest guests. Thank those of you who came to my birthday party,” his voice drowned in supportive hails in his honor. He continued, “I’ve invited this lovely girl from the Istanbul escort katalog so we can have a really classy time. I offer everyone to participate in something I find very desirable personally for me.”

“I’ve been wondering how many of us can enter the girl at the same time. By saying ‘enter’ I mean her vagina, her ass, and her mouth. Do you wanna participate in this experiment?”

The tipsy crowd roared, agreeing, immediately starting to discuss the details of the plan. The girl went to the bathroom for a quick shower, leaving the men to agree on the details.

After she left the shower, wearing a large pink towel, she found guys, obviously, completely agreed on the plan.

She lied on the bed and the guys, taking off their clothes in a rush, started moving towards it, wearing condoms, which she handed to everyone. Their erect dicks completely repeated their inflamed eyes, burning with fleshy desire.

The girl had the first guy entering her pussy and another one was trying to enter her same hole, finding it inconvenient when another guy was around at a time. They eventually found they can’t fit there for an entire length, so they agreed on shoving the dicks at least for their heads to make it counted as ‘penetration’. But their position prevented anyone other to enter the girl’s ass. Having turned her here and there for a while, they understood that either it can be one guy half-entering a pussy and another half-entering her ass, or two guys in her vagina – no other options.

It was far simpler with her mouth: she opened it wider and three guys, standing around her head, could simultaneously shovel their dicks. Actually, it had room for one more – but it was just impossible to make physically, as the fourth guy just wouldn’t have any place in this circle – at least, not with the dick reaching her mouth opening. Eventually, she took two more dicks into her hands, and one guy mounted on top of her belly to push the breasts towards one another and enter his dick between these white hills topped with the brown nipples. So, Anjem found the answer to his question on this party: one girl can accommodate 8 guys at the same time in her three openings, both hands, and between the tits.


Ukraine escort Istanbul lover is having fun in one of the official buildings of the city

If you’re a tourist in the city, who wants to be in Istanbul or any other city of Turkey for more than just the visa time (from 30 to 90 days, depending on the country of your citizenship), you are going to file the documents for visa prolongation, sooner or later. After you are approved, you can stay here for a different time period – up to a year, depending on the same prerequisite.

That was the reason that drove Adam, a resident of snowy Switzerland, to file the visa application in sunny Istanbul – a 25-year-old guy discovered for himself that he loves to swim in a nearly all-year-round warm sea (according to his definition of ‘warm’, whilst the Turks were wearing winter jackets in the winter, which he always laughed inside of him, considering local +25° even in January).

That’s how Adam met a Ukraine escort Istanbul lover – she was also in a consulate visa department. If you have been there – you might have noticed the large space of it. Even though there were always some queues to several opened windows, the entire building wasn’t just about the hall with people asking for a visa.

Girls for sex Istanbul have fun on vacation

Nika gladly reached out. The hot sun was already beginning to lick her slender legs. The sea waves were noisy. The brunette sighed, pulling the tiny triangles of a bikini on her boobs, easily got up, packed her things and went to the hotel from the beach she was on.

Seeing a slender long-legged girl with long dark hair, Bill could not take his eyes off her. He was pretty tired of girls for sex Istanbul and wanted to seduce some real one. He liked the way she was laying; as well as he would like to caress her narrow waist, he wanted to see her all – under the micro-swimsuit too. When the girl rose from her seat, he almost felt ecstasy. In his thoughts, he had made sex with her for a hundred times already. The girl bent over, the thin fabric of her panties pulled tight, enough to outline the ass so that the man would again swim away in fantasies towards the bed and the object of desire. This feeling of hunting excitement cost all the best Istanbul cheap escort girls he already tried.