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Istanbul VIP escorts pussycat with a good mood is smiling very openly and sincerely

Unlike many super-positive and cloudlessly-arousing stories that you read on this site, my story is sad. It has a happy ending, though – but not the one that you might have expected.

I originate from Croatia. I slept with one guy for money in my 18. I don’t know how but my parents discovered it in several weeks and expelled me from home after a large fight. They told me that I could go anywhere but returning home. Thus, I was thrown out on the street in the midst of a winter nearly without money, only having received two large bags of my belongings from my parents (I’ve heard years later that since then, they never entered my room and even nailed the door to it with timber boards so nobody could even enter there – as if expelling the memory about me from their minds and hearts physically).

The first night I spent in a local hostel – as I had only about 20 dollars on hands, I paid for this night with a blowjob to the guy in the hostel so he let me stay. For another night, we agreed on 1 regular sex (although he wanted two). (From my current position of top escort Istanbul girl, which earns tens of thousands of dollars each month, two sexual acts to a guy would cost today much more – and he’d pay me, not gained, as back then.)

In a day, I was looking for a hotel or a private room to stay in exchange for sex. I didn’t. When the late night has already covered the city, I saw the ‘night butterflies’ on the streets. Hesitating, I approached them and asked about how can I become one of them. They didn’t want to believe me at first but then one of them called somebody and in 30 minutes, I was already sitting in a shaded room watching at the unevenly shaved guy with a thick golden chain on his neck. It was hard to tell his age.

“So, you wanna be an escort girl?” he asked. I nodded and told him everything why I am here, not sleeping in my cozy room, on which I’ve put so many efforts, decorating it and making it highly suitable for living. He also told me that in order to become one, I needed to pass the ‘proficiency test’, which was basically fucking with this guy on the backstage of his room. That night, it was the first step for me to be a top escort Istanbul girl.

…In 3 months of working on the streets of Croatia, I’ve had enough money to quit, which I did, and flew to Istanbul – to join the Istanbul VIP escorts service, which was much more promising in all senses, as far as I’ve heard numerous times from my peers working on the streets with me. Also, Istanbul VIP escorts agency did not make their girls to actually stand on the streets – they were waiting for their clients in cozy and warm hotel apartments. For meetings, there were luxury rooms of 4* and 5* in the same hotel that we lived in. For VIP clients, rooms of an extra class were booked and only top escort Istanbul girls were serving them – with a completely astounding price tag, to which I definitely wanted to reach. The only fact of my work in Istanbul VIP escorts service told that I am capable of becoming the best of the best.

And although I am working in Istanbul escort WhatsApp service today, I don’t think that this is an unworthy profession. After all, these people are the only ones in my life who treated me well (except for the guy in Croatia, who helped me become one of their girls, Marek – thank you from all my heart for not letting me freeze on the cold streets of my used-to-be-native city). Now I live in sunny Istanbul, close to receiving the constant living permit in the country, have nearly collected the full sum for my own apartment, and I have medical insurance – the thing, which was unattainable even for my dad in Croatia because it was too expensive for him. What do you say on that, my used-to-be-loved dad? That your daughter, whom you pushed on the street in the night, is now an Istanbul escort WhatsApp girl? But no matter what you say – thank you for teaching me life like this and that allowed me to become a more successful than you could have ever imagined. And fuck you.


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Life shines with much brighter colors if you let in it more entertainment. And make this entertainment more unusual than always: for instance, like organizing group sex. Particularly, that is what happened in one of the nights on a fancy yacht docked in Istanbul, where four women of WhatsApp escort Istanbul have entertained 2 guys, who wanted to increase the degree of fun in their lives.

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What’s good about Istanbul escort girls is that they are tuned for all kinds of erotic entertainment for their clients. Elora from the Istanbul WhatsApp escort model catalog was now standing on top of the client, who was tied and laid on the floor’s carpet under her feet.

He wanted to be tied himself – that girl from the escorts Istanbul agency was specifically called to make hard sex with the guy. And he wanted the gag in his mouth, being undressed to the nudity, and that she lashed him with a whip at times, applying it to any part of his body at her discretion but the head.