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Russian escort Istanbul is on the beach, wearing a red swimsuit, enjoying being young and sexy

Itzayana was not one of the Istanbul call girls when she was a participant in this story. She was in her sweet 19th year and she was in love with a guy named Adir, a local from Istanbul. She was a student of a local college, where she studied medicinal sciences hoping to become a dentist, arriving from one of the Asian countries. He was a local 20-year old handsome lover. Too handsome. Breaking many hearts. But it seemed like when he met Itzayana, he also fell in love with her and his escapade of heart-breaking events had finished.

They seemed a perfect couple and, like many other lovers, at the hottest point in their relations, they started to invent various sex insanities, which drove their young blood to run in the veins with tenfold speed. Itzayana has shared with our escort service Istanbul agency this story as one of the most erotic moments, which she had taken part in before she became an Istanbul call girl.


My name’s Itzayana. A story I wanna tell is about sexual hanky-panky between my then-boyfriend and me. It was super exciting. But there were also other stories, more or less the same highly arousing, which made my heart beat like insane (maybe I’ll tell you some of them some other time).

In 19 y.o., I fell in love with Adir – and in everything that he was. A perfect, muscled body, 180 cm of height (compared to mine 167), expressive green eyes, deep black hair on his head and beard, always formed in a lovable hairstyle using hair gel, just like his peer in Turkey do. Gentle hands, which could easily drive me orgasmic with fingers, tickling and getting inside of my pussy. Not to mention his perfectly-sized cock, which filled me to the entirety when entering my pussy or ass, which I loved to give him to fuck 50 times a day, feeling as if one of the Istanbul eskort fiyatları agency paramours.

One day, I was on the clothes market and saw jeans that had a metal zipper between the legs. Thus, wearing those jeans, I could unzip them and expose my pussy and lower parts of ass cheeks. I had an idea flashed: what if I wear my black thongs that had an opening for sex in between, those jeans, and we go to some restaurant, where, sitting away from the people’s eyes, when a table would hide my thighs, I could unzip the jeans and open my pussy to Adir’s entrance with the fingers? The thongs worn on me would give a feeling of being ‘dressed’ but since they are holed in the exactly required sex places, he would still easily penetrate my pussy or ass, whatever he wants.

But what’s even more exciting – I wanted to keep my idea a secret since I wanted to make him a pleasant surprise so as to drive him super excited as I tell. I bought the jeans. It took me several days to find a restaurant, which would correspond to my vision. It was a charming not large place drowning in the greenery, with a dim light inside, which withdrew 99% chances of possibilities of being caught in the act. Still, waiters could visit us.

I booked the table and invited Adir to dine. I told him I wanna a romantic date and I found a great place for that. I was very wet between my legs all those days while I was looking and planning. When we finally were inside of the place and sat, I got closer to his ear and whispered to him the entire description of the idea, flushing on my cheeks in the frankest moments.

Just as I expected, he got super excited and we have ordered several dishes to drive a waiter’s attention away. Being left alone, he reached a hand under the table and unzipped my jeans. His fingers immediately landed on top of my pussy, hot and wet from a desire. It took him less than a second to slide with two fingers inside the pussy, naturally greased from the sexual anticipation. His cock has immediately jumped up, even in jeans, and so he had to hide this part of himself under the tabletop.

He covered my crotch area with his leather jacket, playing with his fingers in a pussy, reaching between the legs. I offered him that I bend a little and let him enter my pussy from the back. Or a hole in the ass – whatever he likes. With a sheathed finger, in a condom, he penetrated with his pointing finger deep into my anus hole, getting inside there at all the finger’s length, to the last phalanx. His adjacent two fingers were moving inside my pussy. And all three fingers delivered me such a huge satisfaction that I couldn’t stop but cumming powerfully nearly right after ass entering, barely holding moans inside of me. I rested my body on the tabletop, shivering for several minutes, being powerfully heated with the fact that his fingers were still inside of me and moving. So I expected one more orgasm at least. Maybe, two or three more would be even better…


Istanbul escort service group sex: 4 girls and 2 men

Life shines with much brighter colors if you let in it more entertainment. And make this entertainment more unusual than always: for instance, like organizing group sex. Particularly, that is what happened in one of the nights on a fancy yacht docked in Istanbul, where four women of WhatsApp escort Istanbul have entertained 2 guys, who wanted to increase the degree of fun in their lives.

Eskort katalog Istanbul girl is going to remember this evening as one of the best

She was looking at a paint-and-light work ‘Darkytown Rebellion’ by Kara Walker, one of the contemporary artists, on an exhibition of Modern Arts in Istanbul, when she was approached by a guy.

‘What a brazen game of shade and light – and the superimposition of one at another makes me think it is the expression of the kaleidoscope of our intense lives.’

She looked at him: a very neat gentleman of 45+ wearing an elegant gray suit, with a white accurate beard of the 1950s (looking completely not like bushy beards of nowadays’ fashionistas looking all like gays) and a hat – an accessory, which is not that often met today. The image soaked with elegance was completed by a cane with a metal end. He was as if from another century – and another millennium. Everything in his appearance was excitingly interesting for her, an Eskort katalog Istanbul young girl.