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Escort agency Istanbul lover with very appealing forms is standing in a way to expose underwear

Oh, that lady was an example of lecherousness! I saw her on a catalog of an escort agency Istanbul web service and it was something in her that made me feel that I wanted her to dress a super horny costume of a schoolgirl. The only problem was that I had a girlfriend – and she was not an all escort Istanbul lady. And I doubt that she would agree at my offer to dress up like that horny and calling girl from a catalog of best escort Istanbul to pamper my feelings.

I started to imagine how exactly she would look like: 2 big white bows on her head, embracing her long wavy hair in two pigtails of middle length. Her lips are so soft and red, calling red. When she speaks to her classmates or teachers, her red lipstick with a shine of an extra layer of grease that women apply to moisten their lips shines under the light and blinks differently each time as her kissable lips are moving. When she is laughing, those bows on her head shake under the silver of her laughter, as if a small quirky forest stream that is flowing invigorated amongst the rocks and moss. Next – her shoulders. They are holding the brown stripes of cloth of her school dress – a uniform, which many men dream about (to caress a girl wearing that, to roam their fingers under it… Ooooh-la-la, that feels so smooth!). Her tender shoulders shake up and down as she laughs with that sincere laughing, which is only met in the schoolgirls, who aren’t yet unaware of the hardships of life. Shoulders are fragile but not too much – exactly to make her attractive without a fear to break her.

Her arms are covered in a white net – you know, like arm-long gloves. I don’t know if they wear those for real in schools or this is just my fantasy but I’d like to picture her like that. The face is a perfect oval, not round – a girl should not have a round face, as for me, so I to consider her beautiful and desirable. She’s not a peasant, after all!

Under that skirt, there are long socks, which end by the knee – white, super tender white. Oh, god damn! That picture ends with black lacquered summer shoes on her legs. They give tremendous, nearly shocking, contrast to the pure whiteness of her socks.

And I leave the cherry for an end – what is exactly under that skirt – the point of my sweet striving and imagination. Under that, I imagine the white panties, which neatly and bulgy embrace the contour of her labia – very formed, as two little mounds, which end up with a so tender and unused anal opening – but it will be used in my dream when I get farther. I see that the classmates whom she was talking to left her to go to their classes and she stays all alone in the big hollow hall of a school – the place of so many dreams for boys and – I’m pretty sure – for girls, too. I see her leaning her hands at the windowsill – unbelievably white, eye-cutting white color of which somehow looks super organic with that girl’s dress. And she leans on it, opening to my sight her butt and those wonderful so purely hairless mounds that are tightly embraced by the white cloth. I am present behind her as an incorporeal spirit, whom she cannot see but I see her perfectly. I study every single thing between those wonderful legs, thinking of her as an all escort Istanbul girl, who could implement all my dreams…

I hear the door opens – that’s my girlfriend returns home from her day shift.

‘Hi, honey!’ she says and I sadly understand that my wonderful incorporeal dream is over. She enters the room and I see her still wearing a long coat (which she usually leaves in a lobby). She looks playfully at me and unzips it slowly. As she takes it off, I see that she is dressed nearly exactly like a girl in my dream I’ve just had. She looks to me like an escort agency Istanbul lover.

‘I’ve decided to make you a surprise and bought this costume of a schoolgirl in the next sex shop. Do you like it? After all, you deserve to rest with taste’ – I love her so much when she is so amazingly and pleasantly unpredictable. And I don’t need now even the best escort Istanbul girl – as I have one standing right here, ready to please me completely. My dream is not more incorporeal, it is real… I stand up and come to her, smiling…


Ukraine escort Istanbul lover is having fun in one of the official buildings of the city

If you’re a tourist in the city, who wants to be in Istanbul or any other city of Turkey for more than just the visa time (from 30 to 90 days, depending on the country of your citizenship), you are going to file the documents for visa prolongation, sooner or later. After you are approved, you can stay here for a different time period – up to a year, depending on the same prerequisite.

That was the reason that drove Adam, a resident of snowy Switzerland, to file the visa application in sunny Istanbul – a 25-year-old guy discovered for himself that he loves to swim in a nearly all-year-round warm sea (according to his definition of ‘warm’, whilst the Turks were wearing winter jackets in the winter, which he always laughed inside of him, considering local +25° even in January).

That’s how Adam met a Ukraine escort Istanbul lover – she was also in a consulate visa department. If you have been there – you might have noticed the large space of it. Even though there were always some queues to several opened windows, the entire building wasn’t just about the hall with people asking for a visa.

Cheap escorts Istanbul lady in white swimsuit has sex in a pool

She was invited to an extremely closed party: there were 4 or 5 guys in their 20s and 3 girls. Apparently, she was the only one from Istanbul Russian escort agency – as she would know other girls. A code word ‘Zarathustra is great but zealots are coming’ that she was told to say in the camera of a perimeter, opened before her car large forged metallic gates and she drove through. The territory of a rich mansion impressed her – it seemed like 3-4 gardeners had to work every day to keep it that clean and neat – considering that the driveway to the house took no less than 200 meters.